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Friday, April 17, 2009

The 8th Wonder of the World!

Today's spontaneous photo...meaning I literally pulled into the center median (typically for emergencies only) to snap this picture, then immediately got back into the flow of lunch time traffic...is of Houston's Astrodome!

This spectacular structure is considered "The Eigth Wonder of the World", and was the first ballpark to have a roof over the playing field.

This facility used to be home to the Houston Oilers ("American" Football), and the Houston Astros (Baseball).

Since then, the Reliant Stadium (Home of the Houston Texans) and Minute Maid Park (Home of the Houston Astros) have been built.

Currently, the beloved Astrodome stands vacant, with it's future unknown. Recently, I received an email via the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance requesting help Saving Our Astrodome! Check it out!

*By the way, this Saturday the Houston Texans Cheerleaders are holding try-outs if anyone is interested! ;-)

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