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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tea Time at Yao's!

On Valentine's Day my Husband and I went to Yao Restaurant & Bar, which is owned by Yao Ming's family. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the ambiance, and the tea!  We ordered the Jasmine Fairy tea, which is not to be missed!  The tea blooms like a flower as it steeps, and the teapot is set on a stand which holds a tealight to keep the tea warm continually.  Additionally, the tea is served with rock sugar (similar to rock candy). 

With all this talk of tea I think it's time for me to go steep a nice cup of English Breakfast!

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Blogger Lucas Kain said...

Aw! :) This made me miss the old tea afternoons we had with the buddies. Was like, tea, games and stuff. Good times.

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6:00 AM  

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