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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Greatest Furniture Salesman in Houston!

Last night Jim "Mattress Mac" McIngvale came and spoke at the University of Houston - Clear Lake. Without doubt the man you see in this picture is the greatest furniture salesman in Houston! I just think he's fantastic all the way around!

(And the fact that he sent me to Paris for a week, all expenses paid, to watch the USA vs. FRANCE in the Davis Cup [Tennis] in 2003 has very little to do with it! ;-)

I found this great website on him
here! Read it when you get the chance...it's full of information!

  • Mattress Mac is famous for jumping around wearing a mattress yelling, "Gallery Furniture really will save...you...MONEY!!!!"

  • Also, his one store, Gallery Furniture, sells more than any other single furniture store in the world! Impressive!

  • They have a playground for the kids at Gallery Furniture, Elvis and Princess Di paraphernalia, several parrots, and a restaurant where EVERYONE eats FREE! Last night he said, "We have homeless people that come in and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner...but they are God's children too!" WHAT A GUY!

  • Another thing, that he and Gallery Furniture are famous for is..."Buy it TODAY, we'll deliver it TODAY guranteed!" And he does what he says. If a customer comes in at 10:30pm they deliver it immediately! They've been known to deliver furniture until 6:30am.

  • Also, last night when asked if he will expand and open new stores he explained probably not because, "...they can only steal so much while I'm watching."

Anyway, he is an incredible man, and we are blessed to have him in our great city!

Enjoy this lovely day!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. Wonderful guy.

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